For people who kill themselves

In many ways I admire you man. You are willing to quit anything instantly that gets too hard. I don’t know anyone that walks that quickly…from such opportunity. Find someone you cannot stand and become their shadow. Define: understand.

Once you become a part of their story there is no way out but the end of the earth. Just look in Geoff bezos eyes, the article about him wanting to live forever – a master of the law of attraction and whatever other deplorable aspirations these true artists of their own destiny posess on the back of my eyelids. So life like too. Close enough is good enough for me!

It’s not hard to get people to agree with you but the real schranz is how to control nature and stop it ruining your fucking concentration while your mastering your own destiny and masproducing.

What actually is? Though? Chair right at the end. You couldn’t buy that kind of hallway. IN YOUR HEAD. You’d have to smash holes in the wall to find it. I mean for the walls to stop talking. You watch. So far out of the comfort zone you have to go! Or just get a script for dexies