For people who kill themselves

theres that drumming in me head trying, but it doesnt matter. Open up. I know how to do it I told them but you don’t always want to; especially on Sunday with the rellies.

excercise. Satisfying on many levels and not just being groped. I’m interested in non-perspective – like the whopping gum on morrison rd splitting its own trunk and emptying a brown pool. I did the same thing at 2am. Some sort of expanding purulence within and taco momentum. Search: can garlic allergy. Permethrin.

once i had to crawl out of el hermanos cantina and across beaufort st with tunnel vision but that was chilli.

the bugs are in the vanity woodwork perhaps i inhaled too much spray. Sure enough it all came out – you think no matter what happens you’ll handle it, but not that. Sea sickness was natures way of telling youto stop trippin