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Sell out gigs are becoming customary for Luke Dubs and El Gusto who played a home game @ ‘The Standard’ tonight to promote their latest single ‘Speak of the Devil’.

We have support from local Producer Flume @ 0930 who’s style of beats and chill come recommended from the headliners, making him the perfect accomplice to the ambience of the night. People were probably still doing their makeup when he came on, but those who began to fill the floor during his set, met Flume’s sound with claps and vocal approbation. I’m no authority on describing his music but I bought his 3 track single straight up. It’s called ‘Sleepless’.

Joyride. There’s nothing like 45 second snatches of music to keep the crowd interested and the jovial big man cut his way through the party mix to bring the growing numbers energy to the next tier. Amongst toasting and a genre hopping selection a standout would have to be the self produced unreleased bass jam featuring Drapht. Looking forward to this one. Legend!

**Joyride Kicks – Air Force 1’s*

Luke Dubs takes the mic. “Thanks to everyone for coming down tonight, we have a new album coming out in February and we are very fucken excited”.

The first sounds to play are cool and unfamiliar (new material?) until the “Yo Yo just relax” from ‘Tapedeck Sound’ kicks in. The crowd responds with a unison head nod while we begin a celebration of these two instrumental kings recent and back catalogue.

Not long into the performance there is some amusingly planned confusion between the pair when unidentified voices start projecting through the speakers. “I’m just wondering if I should call you” sings out, as Alana Stone and Urthboy bounce up from their hiding positions on stage for ‘Your Call’ from the ‘Threads’ (2008) album. What fun, we didn’t even see you crouching down in the shadows!

**Urthboy Kicks – White/Orange Airforce 1’s**

“Give it up for El Gusto on the Mpc!” Dubs gives the fans a new tune alert while Gusto stutters a “Please let me get down” vocal sample from Busta Rhymes (I hope) over club bass. In between turning knobs and working his Synthesizers Dubs keeps a close eye on the audience’s responses to the new material. A shaking dance floor offers him assurance.

There is a number of young B-girls and boys together down the front looking purposeful and my suspicions are confirmed when I hear the security guards talking about a pack of dancers about to take the stage. When vocalist Chaos Emerald jumps into the lights to take her role in “Speak with the Devil’ everybody knows what’s up. The stage presence has multiplied instantly and one of the bboy ninjas from the film clip is pumping up the crowd with breaker gestures and attitude. Joyride has found his way back on stage armed with a mic and as the intro plays to the song that everyone you show likes, it’s a pretty cool feeling to be involved in this shit.

The last single Herms released and still very relevant ‘Get in my Life’ brought the ruckus with its nasty bassline and “Run the Traack!” vocal. We also heard ‘Can’t Stop’ from the ‘Tales from the Drift’ album and an anticipated solo effort from Dubs on the key tar. Another ‘Threads’ album favourite ‘Frayed’ got sing along approval and Dubs told us of it’s personal importance to the pair.

There’s too many essential tunes and moments to remember them all (I’m going to try in future by recording whole sets) but after 3 albums, 2 Ep’s and however many live shows, Hermitude understand how to move people. The latest single is a good example of this which has likely attracted new listeners to their music. Where the evidence to mastery lies, is their proven ability to retain the people that have been listening to them for 10 years. It simply is intelligent downbeat music from two seemingly down to earth guys. We look forward to February 2012 and I wear my Hermitude shirt with pride.



Sorry No Tickets

Sorry No Tickets


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