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I’m not going to bed until I’ve got the new album.

Welcome to the Oxford Art Factory Sydney, make some noise for Ellesquire. Back in town from recent touring the East with the headliners, it’s good to hear the man is copping some national recognition. With good looks and more than his fair share of charisma the Big Village representative and his multi talented selector Sam Z, demonstrate they are in fact “ready” for this. Dropping all the favourites from his debut album, BV family members Rapaport and P Smurf make appearances, illustrating that everything is good at home. Not even tonsillitis can stop Smurf’s delivery and temple vein as he compounds why he’s shaking hands everywhere he goes.
“You soft cocks are off chops like Vegetarians” but the Live Brass section from Sam Z turned the kids into screaming pentecostals, while he struggled to hide the pleasure in his occupation. I sung along with my eyes closed to “I am ready” and never get sick of the drums on the outro. The punching “Dragons Mouth” set the place alight and it’s no wonder LS had to ask for less smoke on stage. The popular topic of “Chasing The Pay” was addressed and the echo of “I’d rather be a smart arse than a dumb c*nt” was audible from the crowd who are obviously familiar with “On the Prowl”. A smooth performance tonight combining the quality productions from P Major with his own distinctive style of lines and hooks. If your giving up drinking you can start that tomorrow coz Ellesquire’s having a party and it’s called “Ready”. You can download it now.

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Didn’t catch any other supporting acts.

Are there any thunda cats here tonight? Are you serious? Fuck yeah! Album Launch time on Obese Records, all tickets on the door are gone and this highly polished hiphop act enter the stage with the body language of people who are on the right track. We have Dj Morgs in the headphones wearing sum Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi Tops in white. Jeswon is brandishing a gold tape deck neck chain and sum (I could be wrong) black Jordan 5’s. Tuka’s playful grin and super low slung jeans have the ladies attention while I wonder where he got that shirt with a woman on it suffering from haemolacria.
If you were down the front near the subs for the first bass signal from Morgs you had a new hairstyle. I looked to my right and swapped a wtf? with a young lady who’s thorax was undoubtedly reverberating like mine. Omg @ “Busy With It” the people went bananas. I had to shield my camera from the heaving mass of lunatics while some estrogen fueled late teens in front, tugged at the boys trousers on stage. Is this a fucking Beatles show? The boys took time for low 5’s with the crowd and the same appreciation was displayed when the eerie intro of “Paint The Town Red” sounded. The dude next to me really wanted me to know that he knew the words, I was like respect man but floss every day no matter what!
The thundercats dynamic energy and teleporting skills prove challenging for a cameras auto focus and if any white fluorescent light did shine through, the shooters came out from behind walls like cockroaches at night.
3/4’s of the way through we got a taste of some nu school bass including “Emalkay’s – When I Look At You”. This inspired some abrupt spasmodic body movements and there’s no doubt that this sound (also called dubstep) is very popular with the youth.
To a Thundamentals show rookie it’s clear the crew have been practicing, shining the kind of confidence on stage that any aspiring and possibly established MC wishes for.
Mid set, Tuka acknowledged a kid he knew up the front with a handshake. You can call me soft and it was a beautiful moment to see the kid look around at his mates with a smile that radiated I’m so happy to be a part of this.
A staunch position was adopted with a ‘Wu Tang Clan – Tigerstyle’ tribute and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people had never heard of it. Dj Morgs is a weapon and I wonder how many hours he has spent scratching.
I Should also mention the whole performance was accompanied by a live trumpeter.
Overall the Thundamentals Crew have good reason to be smiling, they are good at what they do and you can tell that they believe in every word they rap. You only have to look into what they mean by their recent album title ‘Foreverlution’ to know the message is positive. With flawless performances like this and being more Aussie than volleys and rock wallabies, there’s no better recommendation than word of mouth.






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